Thursday, November 25, 2010


skype recap

Hi Liz,

Just a quick recap on what we covered in the rest of the skype sesh - your feedback sought:

Labels: All our names featured on each label

And instead of individual titles for each lightbox work we would just say 'All the cunning stunts' on each label/light box Overall there didn't seem to be any compelling reason, or need from past discussions to title the works individually. We did think titles could emerge from blog posts and yet the blog postings/headings are not exactly collaborative in the same way as the works. It also felt like (unnecessary hard work coming up with titles when we didn't really want them...what do you think?)

The ministry for silly options had the following suggestions before we settled on All the cunning stunts x 16:

Each light box work could be described as:

  • 'A+' 'B-' 'F+' etc
  • A 100 footer, a 20 footer, a 0.5 footer etc
After this we talked through some of the images and possible workings, and Clare's already posted some new reworkings that elaborate on what we thought might work.

Clare and I talked about liaising with DPOD and that in terms of clear lines of communication with them Clare will be main contact for delivery of files, title and label info etc. After this I will be contact, so that you and I can be called on for any easy fixes regarding proofing/colour correction etc, while if it's in the too-hard basket they can contact Clare if they really need to.

Lastly we talked about the media promotional event and that it would be great for it to open out to a wider community, and to have a similar quality/ emancipatory hedonism as a snog mob event, maybe even as simple a gesture as holding hands, a kind of coming out day...and as you can see from my recent post I dallied with the idea of a girlfriend dance like a screensaver day event...

The gates are open and the horse is out...

The Cunning Stunt: 15th December 12 noon or 16th December just prior to launch

Wellington International Girlfriend Dance Like a Screensaver Day!

An event open to the community we have been imagining and prompting in regards to emancipatory hedonism...

Invitation goes out to all our networks!!

1/2 hour of dancing like a screensaver, spot prizes (?), holding hands (!).

hard or soft bright or broken brave or nonchalant out and three times a lady in two's or by fours - anything's possible...

All the cunning a medal winning (screensaver, er, I mean) swim team!!!


Here's the latest

(I'll pay special attention to getting the bear more fierce! when I do the next version).
Also put a fade on Tina, so see what you think about that. In the meantime, send me an email or reply via comments with any suggestions.

Hmm, maybe I'll re-look at the angle of the rainbow on the facing lightbox???

And the latest park layout...

And some drafts (not quite finished but you get the idea) of the last boxes on the park facing side, and still to reshoot/substitute hi res images for the stage set images)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


filling a few gaps of the current layout...?

out soon

Artsville: In Bed With Anika Moa
The Artsville series returns with an intimate and frank documentary In Bed With Anika Moa in which the much-loved songwriter bares her soul about going it alone in the music industry, coming out as a lesbian, and her marriage to a female burlesque performer.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A new layout option that is on its way to meet the curators as I type:

I tried this time to pace it a little, thinking about how different proximities of looking and experiencing could happen within the series -- and how these differences could flow between the lightbox images themselves as much as with a viewer. I also thought about when we want to HOLLER and when we want to LAUGH and be SERIOUS and all that.

I hope the meeting is going well. I wish I could be there! Just remember All the Stunning Cu..... ehhem, I mean All the Cunning Stunts.

rainbow bear bar spectrum

ok ok, gettin a little closer to intentions... fluent spectrum yet you think??

Digital Print Logic 101

les pimped out safari-as gay shroud immancipatory hedonismz

Late-comers, missing in action and attractive alternatives welcome - just wanted to get the overview so far, and @#$! this %^&* is HOT

Monday, November 22, 2010

field trip safari camp ott byo...?

Err...I'm not sure...finding it hard to do group bino safari as pair...cease and desist or push through?
the other was looking a little, well, something wasn't right... I've borrowed and mashed a bit from across the aesthetic conversations, it's so difficult to get the off-kilter down...

falling and staging

Another pair, potentially hot for the night-time? I've flipped the dark matter image horizontally and inverted the black text in the middle of the lit stages to white text on black background.

Tonight, I'm going to work on Binocular Safari as I'd really like to have all of you in the jeep and get some hints of blog/digi spice in the right-hand panel - on the one hand I can see that you are already on my safari, and I'm on yours, when I look around, but it's not the same as having you there under the same savanna skies... watch this space.

I'll send through proofed text of BK texts 1 and 2; the Topp Twins text; and this line in case we want to use it (original had spelling mistake -'untill':

'she was never gay until 2 days ago when she came out on the blog' (tick).

I also feel I'm missing the hands in the black curtains by M+C...

and something for the 'odd sock' box:

Sport anyone?

Hey your girls rock! Thanks for all your hard work - this project has been invigorating! Like a swim in the waters of Paekakariki...

The raw sketch that is currently my essay coming tonight too. I hope you'll pull it apart and comment.


Great getting your images gals - they're like exciting gifts each morning!
Thanks for keeping them as layers. Its really helpful.

To clarify my previous posts, I'll be supplying creating the layouts as a combination of image and vector graphics (vector where ever posible to keep file size down and keep graphic elements sharp). Because of this, please also supply the all the image components used to make it in there most original format (eg. the file straight off the camera if possible!). That way I can create a graphic from scratch if I feel like there's a problem with it, knowing I have the most original file. And in some cases, it will be faster. Unfortunately given the time frame, and timezone difference, waiting for the next day for graphics to be supplied will really slow things up.

Also, don't fret about recreating hi-res versions of blocks of text or solid colour geometric graphics - I'll be recreating them as vectors. The draft size version will be fine for me to work from.
eg. Rachel, for your binocular prints, the flat brown colour grass reids of the bino print, if you want them to be sharp, I'll trace/redraw them using vector graphics. To do this I'll just need an between a 72ppi or more image to do this from. If you can supply all the photos in their orignal format, at their highest res. I can create a vector clipping mask to paste the image into in the final layout, so its not necessary to cut them out yourself. I'll try to match the way you have it in the fullsize mockup.
AND as an additional rules of thumb: 1. don't down-size resolution of any of your photographs. If they are printed smaller than the full size of the lightbox, we want to keep that resolution - its all relative to how close you view the image; and 2. avoid re-saving a jpeg or compressed tiff please.

Oh and I'm upping the email size limit - I reckon have a go to see if you can send files up to 10MB via emial. Send separate emails if you need to.

And as you know, I still need the final edits of any text we are using!
And if you want to check how we might set up the final file and what I'll need to create it drop me an email.
Ok good luck, thanks, C.

Match Making

Some of the ones I like. In a particular order:
After thinking otherwise, I actually think that the pink packaging looks great coming from above, and works as a good partner with the TT letter. The text under the dildo pack image is your Beatrice Krill 1 and 2 short texts Rachel. They are working for me with the manner in which the packaging is presented in the image.

Rachel, I could only fit four of the bone image/text panes in the lightbox format! I made a cursory decision to send one home. If you are interested in this format for the works, then let me know if you are OK with four, or I can re-think to get them all in!

One thing that is URGENT I imagine, is to get a selection of images sorted for the meeting on Tuesday. I thought the best idea would be for Clare and I to send you a file each of the images that we have been working on at a good size to print out (ie. single light boxes each A4 page). Would this be the best idea?? Perhaps in doing this we can all make mini-decisions about what our fav versions are of the things we have been working on are?

Rachel and Liz, can you let us know what format etc would be ace for you? I can get mine to you in time for your first thing Tuesday morning. I hope this is OK? I guess the other idea would be for you to pull stuff off the blog -- or even use it in the meeting? Might be a bit clumsy though.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

she was never gay until two days ago when she came out on the blog

les bino safari four wheel drive

four wheel drive options - just got Liz's safari pic in, though before that was using Liz's desktop as her-as-safari - but added the pic-itself in too. Thoughts on arrangement, two safari participants to one light-box, or three of four...?

and to take it one step further...

or with a hint of black = blog scroll at base

late entry?

(fun one for safari times, even if its via the net right?)

so the TV version was giving me a bit of grief, think this might say it better anyway...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emancipatory Hedonism

From Jan Verwoert's essay

Lying Freely to the Public. And Other, Maybe Better, Ways to Survive

Power structures need public prosecutors because they invest belief into the reality of these structures. Whether the prosecutors defend or criticize the structures makes no difference in this regard. On the contrary, it is precisely the critic of institutional power structures, for instance, who does these structures the invaluable service of making the public believe that the institutional apparatus is the most, if not only, important force that determines the production of art. Converting to this belief, however, means to renounce your faith in the idea that art practice could actually make a difference. One prominent fallacy of political art criticism has therefore always been to ground their critique in a serious belief in the exclusive power of power structures. A criticism that sought to empower resistance, however, would have to analyse the structures, but deny them the service of believing, and instead invest the power of belief into the possibility of change through (art) practice.

some elements to work with?

flying heart