Thursday, December 9, 2010

possible rib-on solution

ok Homos, it's starting to heat up and sweat down here in the cold summer of Wellington.

I have some opening celebration light-box adornment specs for you:

At a very reasonable $$$$ of 55 NZD per 300 m rolls (2x rolls reqd) we, All the Cunning Stunts could have our very own GAY SHROUD safety-as tape to enclose our boxes of light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (spray paint of yellow (+labour) provided - some pink but more is xtra purchase)


other options include: (reqd=50m)
xmas tinsel at $2-4 per m depending on size
feather boa in gawdy colours at $3 m
acrylic lining at $8 m split in four and re-sewed for a 50 m length

SO all approx coming in @ 100+ dollars

Eve is searching for spare safety tape around WCC, but we need to move on this asap as if we go the first option safety shop need to order the tape in, 2 working days delivery

All other ideas WELCOME ASxxxx


  1. Hey Liz,

    I really like the tape with spray paint accents - especially the yellow/black and pink, though like the red contrast too - my vote is with the Cunning DANGER to the power of four times truth Stunts tape (aka option 1)!

  2. Go the spray paint danger tape! Love it! I think totally cool to extend the budget to cover such cunning crafty heights!

  3. oh yay!
    ordering now xx done!