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so gay! and ready to be out...

...reworking the very foundations of emancipation as a coming out via representation...

...leading the way...

... a whole new kind-of-representational Olympics minus the coca cola  

During the last five-months this blog has formed the backbone of a collaborative working process as we developed All the Cunning Stunts, a series of sixteen image, graphic and text-based works for the Courtenay Place light boxes in Wellington, New Zealand. Along with curator Mary-Jane Duffy we have developed All the Cunning Stunts to coincide with the advent of the 2011 2nd Asia Pacific Outgames and in response to a curatorial brief to address ‘contemporary homosexuality’.
Beginning as a member-only discussion space, this web-platform became a kind of shared workbook where ideas, experiments, research material and pragmatic essentials bounced between us. To coincide with the launch of All the Cunning Stunts we are opening up this blog to an audience in the hope that the energy and rhythm we accumulated while working together could form a generous collection both for those who have seen the project, and others further a field.                                       
Please feel free to add comments to the posts if you feel so inclined! We would love to hear what you think of the blog, the light box works or any of the material collected here, but we would appreciate if your comments were made with respect to the health, happiness and wellbeing of fellow readers. Your comment will need to be approved by one of us, so it may take up to twenty-four hours to appear.                                           
 so gay! Liz Allan, 2010
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All the Cunning Stunts  
Allan, Clare Noonan, Rachel O'Neill, Marnie Slater)
December 2010
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