All the Cunning Stunts is the collaborative practice of four artists who share a collective enthusiasm for the way queer representation informs and is informed by pop culture and identity politics. A short long time ago, however, these four artists of les-sure had only just produced 'All the Cunning Stunts', a 16-panelled, urban light-box artwork of multiplied, monolithic proportions in Wellington, New Zealand. It was nice.

Two years later, Liz Allan, Clare Noonan, Rachel O’Neill and Marnie Slater continue to work together under the collective name All the Cunning Stunts (AtCS), taking their love of colour, low-tech Photoshop kinks, queer-positive sloganisms and collective laughter from the homo-local to the universal.

This blog was the digital studio platform through which our initial work was made. All our conversations, images, references, comments, and more than a few jokes, now exist here as an archive of both the initial project and as the collection of ideas and approaches that glue us together.

When you're done here there is more, stunning + recent work located on our Facebook page under albums, check it out, 'like' and get acquainted with us. 
So Digital. So F+. So Gayez. XXXX  
Wed 15 August 2012

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And then there was...

The sixteen-panelled text and image works that form All the Cunning Stunts is the result of sporting, energised, engaged, argumentative and often hilarious conversation deftly crafted to image-ready narrative heights.

All the Cunning Stunts are speaking out loud to you as a snapshot of their own contemporaniety confronted through the lens of female same sex experience.
Their monoliths of homosexuality inhabit the urban jungle of representation, take you behind the scenes, make you laugh and ultimately leave you guessing...