Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interlocking girl circles

Hi there,

Firstly, I get the feeling when I walk past the lightboxes that 'text works' could have a real impact in this location - at the same time as the nature of 'text work' can be elaborated, or truncated and work magic with 'image-based' architectures.

I know that we all have drawing and text elements in our practices, with real performative twists. That's not to say we have to start or end here, I just like the observation when thinking about our different practices.

I think this project presents a great opportunity to develop some ideas together, perhaps in pursuit of a collaborative outcome. At the moment that 'outcome' is one that I'm as yet (naturally) unable to quite imagine or give a diagrammatic sketch of, though I'm very keen to exchange ideas and works in the first instance so that there is a real sense of validity and purpose to the works we present in December. I think it's a great idea to gesticulate about the process, like Marnie is suggesting, through sharing images and thoughts - I like the idea of the finished works having an undulant quality for sure.

In this light I present a short poem - on the abstract side, but trying to think through the body and the thought and how distance and intimacy might spring up or not - I picture a hyperbola - where the body doesn't quite touch the thought but senses it, refocuses it, nominates it for a prize.

Anywhere close

In the body is a muscle-listener, tenderness,
a tongue tinned, quiet
with lowly oxygen. In this observance
bells are cast. Pores ring. Temperature is right. Favourable conditions
melt to music. Life, without bells or hands to warm them,
is lost in thought, or hope – anywhere close.

I also like these lines and the images they throw open:

cold smoke made to return to a deliberate fire
a wind of miniature anchors drifting on her skin
motivational dark matter: $10 per 2L bag

I also have a compelling need to call this found image 'Interlocking girl circles'...

Lets see if a title can emerge from the posts we exchange in the next few weeks?

Over and roger that,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Firstly, thanks Mary-Jane for organising this blog, its great to have the blog up an running. The conversation with Wellington feels closer already!

Hope the change of design is OK with everyone - Marnie's pre-historic computer was having troubles loading the background image, so we chose a template without one. Please feel free to amend our fruity design choices!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Title Title

I thought to start a new thread to talk about the title again -- and this can be a slightly ongoing discussion (without being a never-ending one of course!). Mary-Jane, perhaps you could let us know what kind of deadline we are working towards for the title to be confirmed?

On one hand, I feel like some grounding calls need to be made before we move on anything, and for me those would be: do we feel like this is a project we want to develop together? In which case I think that the 16 (?) light boxes could operate as a thread or undulation of our project. The fact that we are not in the same city to develop the work, could mean a kind of defined protocol or process was needed to both develop and produce the work? For example, the exchange of visual or text-based material that, as it rolls between the four of us, gathers the markings of a collective conversation -- and this could be reflected in the way we work with or shift the serial condition of the light boxes. This could be interesting.... but a starting point is needed! Liz, any experience from working with the diasporic time of TAC in this sense?

If we decide to make a collective work, then I would say that the need to talk about the title is kind of urgent -- and to think about when and how this title might emerge. For example, could we use the title almost as a condition to begin developing the project? Like a brief? Or, is it something we keep in the back of our minds as we start working? There seems like a good chance that this collective work would include text along with visual stuff, and an important thing for me would be to define the relationship any text in the work, and the project more broadly, has with the title text. We could also take the title "Girls' Day Out" as a proposition, and work collectively from there? On the other hand, if we make four separate projects, then I would be happy to stay with "Girls' Day Out" as a title for the group of works.

Urg! A slightly muddled post, but if there is anything that sticks out as something to shuffle forward with, then great!

Outgames and images

The Outgames people want to publish the images that were included in the proposal to the WCC on their website to announce the project. Are you happy for your images to be reproduced there?  [ ... I thought I should ask... ]

Courtney Place - the centre of the universe

Hey there, all set up, as per my email. I have chosen a random template based on my pre-lunch whims but feel free to change anything. Login using the girlslightboxes address (administrator's address) to do that.

I am meeting Eve on Wednesday for coffee to discuss the budget etc. They still don't have an exact date but somewhere in the week 13-17 December your work will be installed in the lightboxes.

So my next job is work out a timeline so that we have a date when images need to be at the printers for delivery etc.

Will post that soon.