Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interlocking girl circles

Hi there,

Firstly, I get the feeling when I walk past the lightboxes that 'text works' could have a real impact in this location - at the same time as the nature of 'text work' can be elaborated, or truncated and work magic with 'image-based' architectures.

I know that we all have drawing and text elements in our practices, with real performative twists. That's not to say we have to start or end here, I just like the observation when thinking about our different practices.

I think this project presents a great opportunity to develop some ideas together, perhaps in pursuit of a collaborative outcome. At the moment that 'outcome' is one that I'm as yet (naturally) unable to quite imagine or give a diagrammatic sketch of, though I'm very keen to exchange ideas and works in the first instance so that there is a real sense of validity and purpose to the works we present in December. I think it's a great idea to gesticulate about the process, like Marnie is suggesting, through sharing images and thoughts - I like the idea of the finished works having an undulant quality for sure.

In this light I present a short poem - on the abstract side, but trying to think through the body and the thought and how distance and intimacy might spring up or not - I picture a hyperbola - where the body doesn't quite touch the thought but senses it, refocuses it, nominates it for a prize.

Anywhere close

In the body is a muscle-listener, tenderness,
a tongue tinned, quiet
with lowly oxygen. In this observance
bells are cast. Pores ring. Temperature is right. Favourable conditions
melt to music. Life, without bells or hands to warm them,
is lost in thought, or hope – anywhere close.

I also like these lines and the images they throw open:

cold smoke made to return to a deliberate fire
a wind of miniature anchors drifting on her skin
motivational dark matter: $10 per 2L bag

I also have a compelling need to call this found image 'Interlocking girl circles'...

Lets see if a title can emerge from the posts we exchange in the next few weeks?

Over and roger that,


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