Thursday, August 12, 2010

Title Title

I thought to start a new thread to talk about the title again -- and this can be a slightly ongoing discussion (without being a never-ending one of course!). Mary-Jane, perhaps you could let us know what kind of deadline we are working towards for the title to be confirmed?

On one hand, I feel like some grounding calls need to be made before we move on anything, and for me those would be: do we feel like this is a project we want to develop together? In which case I think that the 16 (?) light boxes could operate as a thread or undulation of our project. The fact that we are not in the same city to develop the work, could mean a kind of defined protocol or process was needed to both develop and produce the work? For example, the exchange of visual or text-based material that, as it rolls between the four of us, gathers the markings of a collective conversation -- and this could be reflected in the way we work with or shift the serial condition of the light boxes. This could be interesting.... but a starting point is needed! Liz, any experience from working with the diasporic time of TAC in this sense?

If we decide to make a collective work, then I would say that the need to talk about the title is kind of urgent -- and to think about when and how this title might emerge. For example, could we use the title almost as a condition to begin developing the project? Like a brief? Or, is it something we keep in the back of our minds as we start working? There seems like a good chance that this collective work would include text along with visual stuff, and an important thing for me would be to define the relationship any text in the work, and the project more broadly, has with the title text. We could also take the title "Girls' Day Out" as a proposition, and work collectively from there? On the other hand, if we make four separate projects, then I would be happy to stay with "Girls' Day Out" as a title for the group of works.

Urg! A slightly muddled post, but if there is anything that sticks out as something to shuffle forward with, then great!


  1. Yep I have to get a timeline sorted - with deadlines etc. Will work towards that in the coming week.

    What is your preference re individual works vs collective?

    And FYI there are 8 double-sided lightboxes in total.

  2. deadlines/timelines for feedback, discussion and decisions is REALLY helpful. A revolving chair that helps the discussion flow, providing summaries and prompting with questions etc - but this would be a much more manageable sized group and with a clear outcome so perhaps less "wrangling" needed....
    Am keen to explore the collab method, maybe we could all bring something to the table (Rach, I see you got something up already) have a discussion and then see whether we are still into it?? Would this work time wise? I have no idea how busy you guys are at the moment.... Marnie, Clare?? (Oh, and HI!!!!!! btw :)