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All the Cunning Stunts began here: 

All the Cunning Stunts, selected lightbox images, Wellington City Council public art project: Courtenay Place Light Boxes, Wellington, 2010 – 11. Sixteen illuminated digital prints, each 980 x 2580mm. Background photo: Neil Price.

Our publication SO GAY! - documented it (+ MORE!!!). Now distributed by Clouds Publishing! and reviewed here! on EyeContact 

Now you can get beyond our gay shroud with:
SO GAY! 2011, edited by All the Cunning Stunts, designed by The International Office

find SO GAY! deposited with the LGANZ Archives, the LILAC Library and the Charlotte Museum collections, amongst others. Available at Enjoy Public Art Gallery and The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington, and Torpedo Books, Oslo.
"F +!" 

AtCS + Stunning cutouts: image from the SO GAY! catalogue launch - more fun here

MOREMORE: Autostraddle features SO GAY! interview with Krista Burton here

FEATURE: Page working it in Slit Magazine's latest Simulacra issue...

Via Sydney-based Slit (the dyke trans sex porn politics and culture mag) we present an animation of Florence Henri's still life mirror stagings. Henri’s many ‘mirror compositions’ have a deeply suggestive eroticism (sexy) and use strong symbolic language (homotext), all of which has inspired the creation of previous AtCS photographic homages. Henri's (queerified) deployment of the mirror as a pictorial device lends itself to an elegant fracturing of her avant-garde imagery and an uncanny obscuring of the distinction between reality and illusion. Here we have cast a little Stunt light on the wonder of the reflected doublet and the erotic potential of the suggested, simulated act.

If + Trust lubricates the economy @ Magic Bar, April 2012 - more currency here

It was glitter handshakes all round as AtCS permeated the evening with an other kind of trUSt 

AtCS presents Can I help you? a slide show, at the HISK June 2012. Get the full story: here.

Can I help you? enjoys drop-shadowing her sex-toy collection and cross-fading her fiction from dawn to dusk... 

... and made her debut appearance as a page work in Issue 5 "With a Bullet" 
of the Hue & Cry Journal

The Gayez Off!!! - our billboard project for Te Tuhi Centre for Arts was installed 
(Metaphorically of course! - 'you with us?)

In situ documentation of the traffic-stopping billboards (300 x 240ea) August 2012 - February 2013 (yes- beyond the frame!)

to conclude: 

thank you for your time

Always yours,
All the Cunning Stunts
LA, CN, RO, & MS

PS. that was 2012... a lot has happened since then!
 More here...

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