Friday, March 18, 2011

LAST CHANCE TO GAZE upon All the Cunning Stunts!!

>>>>>>HEY Y'ALL ! ! !OK, so whats happening next Stunts…?

Dearest Queers and Straights alike,

there is now but a small window of time left (gasp!) to take in the 16-panelled monolithic homage to Contemporary Homosexuality standing proud in Courtenay Place before they disappear!oh no!

SO(go on!) make a space in your diaries before the 31st OF MARCH to step out and take in/revisit the sophistication of our street-savvy image & text extravaganza.

Laugh(HA!!), nod knowingly(you know what I mean..), feel represented(WoW that was a weird feeling..), find relative connections(cross-genre group hug!!), disagree(oh come on - no WAY you'll disagree), join the conversation(talk amongst and across ourselves AND we can be blogged YO!)

We really can’t stress enough how much more amazing your experience of the work will be “in the flesh”. And, with the almost non-existence of queer public imagery locally, it’s unlikely you’ll get another opportunity like this any time soon!!

(*******Dearest Topp Twins, BTW we’re still expectantly waiting on your appearance xxxx)


Yours in Art,
All the Cunning Stunts: Rachel O'Neill, Clare Noonan, Marnie Slater and Liz Allan

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