Wednesday, October 6, 2010

$14 dollars in his pocket and Duchamp's phone number

So AWEsome talking to you all the other night! I will post here the schedule we decided:

04th Oct - 20th Oct: Keep sharing ideas and works via blog

Around 20th Oct: Second skype with Marnie, Liz and (Me myself or I) in NZ and Clare in Netherlands. The aim of this is to brainstorm and work towards establishing a boundary line of interest, both visual and philosophical - towards the firming up of a production schedule.

In the meantime ideas for title are circulated: I like Clare's thought that the title might suggest arrival and departure - within the lightbox context and the work itself - which relates well to articulations in these blog posts - hyperbola, lenses, accurate fictions, and effing dykes use of narrative and web images, which suggest a virtual elsewhere, whilst also participating in the here/now of her blog.

I also find that I'm very much still pondering to what extent (this came up when you were talking Marnie about a Gay Pride march that you and Clare had been to (eek, I can't remember where it was?!)) that a certain public-ness doesn't involve risk. Where does this perception come from, who thinks/prompts it into being, and where is it leading? The good the bad and the ugly of such an assumption...

Oh, and how about that Batrider crew...want to get their albumz fast

And the new effing dykes post is pretty great - about Les Obsession.

And something to sign off with...

Sometimes I would dream that I was adrift in a forest that rose up out of the water already dead and hung as if the stumps were great poles lowered from the sky, the sky itself desperate to be free from the water and the pump of the night in the rain as it fell upon me, the only man there. All around was the burden of the water reflecting a blue and purple sky. My friend in the flood didn’t need to save me, or I him, but his presence was a kind of savage reassurance.

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