Saturday, October 2, 2010

so Gay right now

hi! hey! hi!
sooooo contemporary homosexuality huh...
now now now!
as opposed to that ol fashioned kind, where are those old fashioned homos these days?
and what are they wearing? Hi vis gear? or is that us" us the contemps?
Homosexual Law Reform Bill right? is that a signpost? Destiny's Church, are they the past future?
is contemporary homosexuality ubiquitous via the queer spectrum?
will the metro-sexual survive the conservative backlash?
are we seeing ourselves reflected in the mainstream media and liking it?
this is so gay, l it,
can't wait to skype tomorrow w you all,
here's a lite offering towards the pool of ideas/research"":


  1. A for America of the divided states has this going on .... mmm

  2. and this is a link to some herstory: