Thursday, October 28, 2010

24 Years Out

Still enjoying thinking about the specificity of Douglas Crimp's stories via audio to rendering a particular scene, place, time and attitudes in 1970's New York.

So, following up Liz's comment/link from So Gay Right Now, here's a collection of herstories through audio, navigating through New Zealand's 1986 law reform: Radio New Zealand: 20 Years Out! (2006). To play excerpts, see index on the right hand side.

particular, in thinking of activating a visible private space in public space...
Segment 4: Except 1: This started as a campaign in our interests, but it has become wider – Bill Logan (1′04″). LAGANZ 0502-A. Public meeting to launch the "Coalition to Support the Bill". (11 July 1985) [Public meeting, unknown recorder].
Segment 5: Excerpt 1: A closet is a very dangerous place to be - Alison Laurie (1″09″). LAGANZ 0503-B. Bigot Busters rally at Wellington Town Hall attended by 1400 people. (21 May 1985) [Public meeting, unknown recorder] - her full speech here.
Segment6: Excerpt 3: Lesbian reaction to the loss of Part Two (2′28″). LAGANZ 0507-A. (20 April 1986) [Lesbian Programme – Access Radio Wellington] - later amended in the Human Rights Act of 1993.
Most of the audio is from the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ), based at the ATL in Wellington.


  1. Cool - looking forward to listening...

  2. oh great! thanks for the sorting through xx