Thursday, October 28, 2010

24 Years Out

Still enjoying thinking about the specificity of Douglas Crimp's stories via audio to rendering a particular scene, place, time and attitudes in 1970's New York.

So, following up Liz's comment/link from So Gay Right Now, here's a collection of herstories through audio, navigating through New Zealand's 1986 law reform: Radio New Zealand: 20 Years Out! (2006). To play excerpts, see index on the right hand side.

particular, in thinking of activating a visible private space in public space...
Segment 4: Except 1: This started as a campaign in our interests, but it has become wider – Bill Logan (1′04″). LAGANZ 0502-A. Public meeting to launch the "Coalition to Support the Bill". (11 July 1985) [Public meeting, unknown recorder].
Segment 5: Excerpt 1: A closet is a very dangerous place to be - Alison Laurie (1″09″). LAGANZ 0503-B. Bigot Busters rally at Wellington Town Hall attended by 1400 people. (21 May 1985) [Public meeting, unknown recorder] - her full speech here.
Segment6: Excerpt 3: Lesbian reaction to the loss of Part Two (2′28″). LAGANZ 0507-A. (20 April 1986) [Lesbian Programme – Access Radio Wellington] - later amended in the Human Rights Act of 1993.
Most of the audio is from the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ), based at the ATL in Wellington.