Saturday, October 16, 2010

Essay writing

I was assuming I would be writing the essay but didn't want to pre-empt anyone else putting their hands up....

And using the blog as the basis for it makes it a straight forward-esque task - although to confess I am seriously intimidated by the high quality bits of writing captured here. It's a high bar - I'll start practicing my jump.

I was really loving the essay on subjectivity/objectivity. Will post a draft asap.

Thanks for birthday wishes Liz.


  1. great! looking forward... I like/am intimidated by that Hito piece also, I think I need a dummies version. Emancipation through object-ness? No heroes? Cultural/historic hedonism of refusal?? Gah!!! totally confuseddd x

  2. It made me think of Lady Gaga and the way she has embraced objectivity...