Saturday, October 30, 2010

news of the minute: 'out and proud' objects

(This post relies heavily on the images that might potentially form in your cerebral areas)

I feel that the projected reader of this article is intended to be other than glbt - or it is addressed to 'dominant' hegemony or perceptions of sexuality (strongly aligned with gender stereotypes, even if there is an attempt being made to dismantle some of them).

It's not really addressed to the glbt reader (or a reader sensitive to glbt experience). Or if it is, then the glbt reader must ghost as a non-glbt reader for a time, or draw on a time prior to their adoption of glbt circumference, or draw on a communal memory of a time prior to glbt-dom, if they were lucky enough to have not needed to adopt glbt radius, pie or square root, and instead were 'born as'). For example it's not saying anything directly about the different lifestyles, beliefs or attitudes that glbt individuals have or lead. Nor how glbt might see the world in relation to other glbt people - not to mention attitudes to war, nationalism, identity, gender, relationships, etc. which are mono-mobilized and for me remain unsung here.

You can be gay and own a poster signed by ye-olde-Bush - and that liberal-meets-conservative contradiction (a hinted-at contradiction seems to be a recognizable form of normative subjectivity in the context of this article) is then mobilized to absorb the homosexual into an 'open' reality that has strict border controls. It's a doubling of 'contradiction' that acts as a means for absorption and absolution...

It's the petty relocation or shuffling of difference in this kind of article or address, which makes glbt experience appear mono-cultural to me.

AND it brings up the power-ambiguity of subjectivity.

If Hito was trying to think through an alternative to the power-ambiguity of subjectivity, proposing the historically bruised (or contingency-bruised) object, what are we left with as far as tools, thoughts, sensations, to live, work and act as or with:

  • a community of objects
  • objects which circulate a tangible uninhibited humanity
  • objects that can/can't possibly breach everyday humanity
  • objects that forage on the outskirts of power-as-humanity
  • objects of communities; a cancellation or corroboration of non-mono-subjective humanity
  • ...?

And a recap re: Sophie Calle via Yve-Alain Bois (Lecture)

Calle conjures the indefatigable reader
There is an overflow of affect (via anticipation) – there is a countdown and then an encounter
And the encounter is entropic
She pretends to be building a character
She makes manifest contingency
And the tragedies of impersonation

I respond:
She would remove her glasses and begin at the farthest point her sight allowed a figure to be defined. The closer the figure got, the harder it became for her to see in any detail the figure as it persisted into near distance. Sometimes she would resort to her prescription lenses to take in the full force of the figure’s advance.

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