Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Test

A image for the mix. Feels a bit raw, but I thought I would throw it in to the pot. See you all tonight at 9pm for some cross-continent exploration.

There is a little red star by the paper in the image, connecting to the the text that reads as:
On a Tuesday night in an empty bar in Lisbon I was trying to get her to say something I thought she was thinking. A crush. It had to be a crush. A falling for a pair of hands, fare hair and dark eyes forever fixed inside sheets of paper that are always too small, too shiny and too damn old. It did not really matter, as there is a saying and then a knowing and then there is a shared kind of caring without saying that is always between us. I knew she would never forget her name. I remembered it for a few days but just now I had to google something like swiss lesbian travel writer photographer.


  1. Wow - stunning bit of writing - I really feel it on a said/unsaid level. I love the link back to the image via google via distance instantanious.

  2. LIKE! but lisbon- really? gawd you are soo international Marnie - how about invercargilll???? xxxx