Monday, October 25, 2010

Douglas Crimp

Nice talking tonight, and facking delicious snacks R!

Some L Day (!) listening:

Douglas Crimp on Gordon Matta-Clark


  1. Thanks Marnie, great listen - some really great stories and names in here - nice to understand Rainer's lineage through story. Ha, coincidentally I had the Lawler post ready, super great to hear the second had story from Douglas about its origin's after seeing the work recently at the Stedelijk.

  2. I really enjoyed the memoir-meets-street-meets-anecdote-meets-critique of Crimp's talk. I took his line 'Action around the edges' and named my post after it as I think it's a great framework (without too much stylistic/codified burden) for presenting my most recent 'object dances' on this blog - and Marnie, I checked out Yvonne Rainer - wow - that's why I'm thinking 'objects' can dance!

  3. Heh, dance as object - that's a good depiction - I too like the 'action around the edges'. Hmm, gets me thinking about the New York scene - no doubt the of vocabulary of movements of robinschilds have been well influenced by Yvonne Rainer's work. They also have some Matta-Clarke abandoned New York references too.