Monday, October 11, 2010

Imaging (in) three times a lady

about time I put a self-generated picture up, much? This is a bit of a precious diary-istic image for moi but in the public version it goes something like this:
The forms are a direct reference to the teachings of the foundation course of the Bauhaus, where artists like Kadinsky believed that it was possible to reduce all form and colour down to a few essential combinations, and so came up with red cube, yellow cone, blue sphere (although there was some controversy about this decision, ha ha, imagine it!). Anyhow, I started working on this for a show called "necessary conditions: free school" and think of them as learning forms, basic, simple, metaphorical etc. How do they relate to this project?? In a contemporary context is homosexuality still a spot the difference game? Which one of these forms is not like the other? Seriously!

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