Wednesday, November 17, 2010

binoculars on girls on safari

rough and ready - the les of the future-past/ past-perfect?

And for consideration in our list of titles: breasts of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today


  1. OMG WTF LOL - - - LIKE!!!!! ROTFL
    (also ode to marniexxx)

  2. Hey Marnie,

    Thinking about the interlocking girl circles back in the early posts - with the woman by the pool. How about circular holes - quite big on one side of the light-box - say black vinyl with hole cut out so you can see through to other side of light box where there might be text like Katy Perry... or Gay-der! ? Not sure, just pondering more ocular wannabe moments - and I guess I'm finding the bino's optimum ocular imagery and wanting to know if they would work with a building up or repetitive notation of them across some of the light boxes, i.e. me in the long grass, bino's on blue background etc...

  3. Amazing, Rach Amazing. liberation of the graphic.

  4. Oh, yes. Again! Again! Man, this stuff is totally great. What kind of animals can you see on your safari? Wild, vicious ones, or shy beautiful exotic birds?