Thursday, November 11, 2010

falling for a pair of


  1. Rachel, wow this is quite magic. I really liked that dark matter image of yours when I first saw it on your blog. The slither of the coloured image - just recognisable - feels bizarrely risky, like I'm not supposed to see it, like a gap through the curtain or door ajar. Perhaps the movement implied in the confetti-like voids emphasises this risk - and in my curiosity as a viewer, I wonder what would we see if it was taken a second before or after?

    In this respect, apart from the obvious formal elements (eg. white on black) it could provides a really nice parallel relationship with 'reveal' of Marnie's hand image - not as a lightbox pair, but installed within a close-ish proximity of each other. Yeah, yes! ...collaborative visual and conceptual spill over in action here!

    An interesting visually hot rhealm of complicating hands/tongues/skin/public/private developing here?

  2. Love your reading Clare. The hand is a kind of take on that painting The ambassadors where there is that skull that's warped so much that you have to move semi-circle around the canvas before you can see what it is. I used Mona-Lisa's hands,he he, or is that she she laughter...I guess I like the idea of playing with the hands as provocative, magic, something to be protected and teasing...Could work really well in proximity to the hand image. Also there's that instinctive play when in photoshop!