Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok so
Rachel's Topp Twin's Letter.

Continuing to run with Marnie's choice of bear image
I came up with this one on the left first

But then thought about tone of Rachel's address (...perhaps led by her original choice of typewriter-ish typeface) the form of the writing, which struck me half way between letter, email, blog post, and poster on a backpacker notice board. thought of trying an A4 printed letter style, blown up to A3 like a poster. Here is the close up of the - very MS Dos, meets simple blog, meets electronic typewriter - A3 letter:

And above is the mockup of the A3 paired with another element that came out of today's play, that Marnie picked out.
The mock-up shows front and back view of one of the lightboxes. The lightbox is empty except for the cut-out star and A3 letter (stuck on alternate sides), so the blue gradient in the mock-up = transparent.

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  1. Oh and re: the bear image - like the other suggestions in the other post comments - I'm keen to try others.
    Also, re: Rachel's comment about a handwritten letter - yeah the typed A3 letter could alternatively be a hand written letter with image/photocopy poster style image. More grunge...less clean?!?