Monday, November 22, 2010

Match Making

Some of the ones I like. In a particular order:
After thinking otherwise, I actually think that the pink packaging looks great coming from above, and works as a good partner with the TT letter. The text under the dildo pack image is your Beatrice Krill 1 and 2 short texts Rachel. They are working for me with the manner in which the packaging is presented in the image.

Rachel, I could only fit four of the bone image/text panes in the lightbox format! I made a cursory decision to send one home. If you are interested in this format for the works, then let me know if you are OK with four, or I can re-think to get them all in!

One thing that is URGENT I imagine, is to get a selection of images sorted for the meeting on Tuesday. I thought the best idea would be for Clare and I to send you a file each of the images that we have been working on at a good size to print out (ie. single light boxes each A4 page). Would this be the best idea?? Perhaps in doing this we can all make mini-decisions about what our fav versions are of the things we have been working on are?

Rachel and Liz, can you let us know what format etc would be ace for you? I can get mine to you in time for your first thing Tuesday morning. I hope this is OK? I guess the other idea would be for you to pull stuff off the blog -- or even use it in the meeting? Might be a bit clumsy though.


  1. Hey M and C,

    Love the first two panels and like the BK text in relation to that image very much!

    All of them work for me as options and as pairs - especially 2,3,4,6 pairs and really like liz's I subject/we object image remix a lot.
    Thinking through the bino option pairs, when considering the last option I posted most recently – this was what I’m thinking, and just sent info to Clare:
    I've drafted a high res version of the grass with me in it for the left bino panel which I can send Clare to look at. I was also wondering if Clare and I could both collaborate to create the twin images? That means inserting C into the left panel in the grass at about the scale my draft image indicated and also creating the right panel. I'm wondering if Clare or I might be able to construct the right panel by sharing files – either I can do it or Clare could (or whoever else feels they have a strong investment). It might be good to get the best low res quality out of liz's shots, like I've done with mine on the left panel, while still having them look and feel low res but readable if you get what I mean. I'm thinking Clare and marnie with hand bino's could be high res looking sharp, while me and liz could be as sharp as our pixels will allow while still looking a bit digi. what to you think? I think this mix could look really good, and have an interesting 'elsewhere' factor to it - I've been playing around and this is instinct talking.
    Ali is going to proof the Topp Twins text and BK texts for me this avo so will send the word docs through then.
    Hope all's going well at your end - the long-distance collaborating feels a bit tricky right now in terms of selecting final images and creating final files but I'm thinking through recent discussions to keep me grounded - maybe I will post some thoughts soon - though I also like the way commenting functions to enable me to work through stuff. And love that you’ve posted these pairs Marnie – so helpful when communicating across time zones.

  2. yes, yes, time essence — marnie, good idea re the files to print out (any format is fine I think- will be A4 print out),— liking the tiling on my recent also — honoured to be paired w the F+ — like direction of elsewhere in safari — anything you guys could add considering your pref for the original? I like the net presence, both in terms of interweb and in terms of us as a collective presence in same space/motif — heating up! looking forward to the next additions/ like presents to me too!!xx