Tuesday, November 2, 2010

skype scoop

In correlation to certain revelations that came to my attention prior the penning of this here literature, are we able to schedule skype for Friday 9pm instead of Thursday? I'm afraid I can't do Thursday due to transport logisticals.

Great posts and conversational terrain being charted - or chartered. I'm starting to feel the 'positive' fear that I personally regard as beyond cliche and lying a little short (though hardly far) of effing DYNAMITE.

1 comment:

  1. Right on Rach - sounds better for me than Thursday actually! Marnie will be able to confirm when she's back tomorrow. In the meantime I'll pencil it in and keep in touch.
    Liz/Marnie in case Friday doesn't suit, daylight-savings stopped here meaning an easy 12hr difference - so we can now do evenings as well as mornings if this helps!

    In light of the next skype, would it be helpful to have an AGENDA(?) since we will have under a week to get the draft images together?
    Not sure if you're into it, but here's what I proposed in an earlier comment:
    1. Shortlist of titles
    2. Game plan to produce the 20 or so images needed to present to Megan.
    3. Scheduling subsequent skype to confirm the images we'll be presenting to Megan.

    What do you all think?
    Additions? Comments? Changes?