Sunday, November 7, 2010

soundbite and soundbite+

I like the soundbite as preferred by Marnie, Clare and M-J (just posted)!

In terms of a slightly more in-depth offering for other media, such as a press release, I present the following. It also includes the words, 'female same-sex experience' as an alternative to lesbian subjectivity...thought I'd offer something up for linguistic debate. I'm happy with the word lesbian, though feel 'female same-sex experience' reflects what I want to be most vocal about in this show, rather than an identity/category politics (though that of course comes into it!), which 'lesbian' suggests for me.

All Cunning Stunts is a medley-voiced collaborative exhibition viewable across eight text and image-infused light-boxes in Courtney Place, Wellington. Four New Zealand artists have developed All Cunning Stunts to coincide with the advent of the 2nd Asia Pacific Outgames and in response to a curatorial brief to address ‘contemporary homosexuality'. The potential of objects and the movement of objects to linger on the seen, unrepresentative, notional, fictional, unmediated, idealistic, real, and confounding intricacies of female same-sex experience, take the lead in the work. All Cunning Stunts aims to emerge from today’s chlorinated slipstream as a medal-winning swim team.

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