Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pair of Hmmms

Whole lot of things happened (ie big mistakes) when I was making this. But, I did discover the "faux bold" button in photoshop. What could that mean?

I just looked at this and think the light green shape needs to move more towards being a scroll perhaps... but I am also wary of when bad design encroaches on good writing, so I wanted to show this to you Rachel so you can say "woah, ease-up" before it is too late... dum, dum, dum. Also, the rainbow bear made me smile here, what you you think?


  1. nice image selection!!! YUPPP!! concur scroll look, doesn't have to be exact copy blog roll but something a little more downwards would be top effect

  2. Really dig the two tone green M - and image is on the $$$$/cha-ching. Thinking about scroll - is it possible to get the text flowing in a literal old-sea scroll-like fashion or slightly spinal curve shape to it, as another option on getting that scroll-feel? I quite like the current awkward curve-shape of the light green itself. Another thought I had was handwriting for the text...? Some intuition that the text needs to be a bit shaky? Not sure how to resolve, but not a biggie. It's def in the molten rock-zone, very near the red-hot core, to get geological on it.

  3. Oh, and the other thought I had when thinking of alternate images in the middle of the Topp Twins letter was Clare's proposed pile of Lesbian clothing w give-away hat I recall being mentioned...