Saturday, November 20, 2010

invisible communities

A test to see if covering all the faces of on the stage set might work. Image selection still open but I'm interested in keeping it to published/distributed media (albums, magazines, posters, book covers etc) - media that makes, and echos communities.
I miss a community here. I want more visibility. Where are all the gays in my immediate community, on the art scene? We seem a little thin on the ground here. Where are we on the street? I know there is a gay scene here, but it seems so underground. I don’t think I’m looking in the right places. I can’t be.
So I've been curiously digging around online, following one link to another, finding a plethora of bands, albums, interviews, tv series, movies,
blog - whatever might lean towards a familiar echo - and finding good company in them. My friend accurately described it recently as the potential of any distributed media to create an invisibly connected community.

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