Saturday, November 6, 2010

An image to say hi with

Ok, here we go.... first, close your eyes. Close them. Are they closed? Good, we can continue. Imagine all the cunning stunts, see them in all their stunningness. Now open...

Here are the finalists for New Zealand's New Cunning Stunts:

I am thinking perhaps this image could have mirrored reflections or some such party-like texture applied to the surface of the panels...
or perhaps a collection of images from the blog?

This series is all good, so my selection of this one was based on a text image combination I thought could work on its own. But, actually, I am pulled towards thinking about this image (or a working of) as a light-box image.

As is. For sure.

This would need a little bit of a crop. A chop here and there.

Looking through the blog, I saw this image, and I think it could be an option, but perhaps without the text? As it might be a double title kind of situation?

I have a pull towards this image. It feels like a magic mix of cheeky/funny/serious/slick/tactile/awkward/composed. All the makings for one sexy woman... hehehe.


Call 0800 $$$$ now to place your vote or suggest other potentials.


  1. OH YEAH!! who's goin to the runway??? (ZOMG likin' post style Slater)
    Oh-kay, so I'd really like the the top image (clare's model) set up with images of the learning (plastercine) forms mounted onto the back three cards - photo is oh-so strong graphically and then adding in some images of the kinda characters (fanks nice profile description) but not 'revealing' them entirely makes for a nice intro and curiousness creating lead in to the project
    How best to mock up? Admission of stumbled attempt to p-shop resulting in disasterously clumsy pixellation sitch, print out and re-photo??

  2. Super hard choice.
    I like Liz's suggestion of the how the stage model might work and its completely acheivable in Photoshop, however, I'd like to propose that it might be kept for use in the light box as I kind of envisioned its proportions/setup for it???!. I also have that same feeling about Rachel's skype/electronic compositions.

    So to continue to put the cards on the table, here's a few of my likes...!

    Liz's plastersine Image - super hot
    I also am interested whether Liz you're interested in/up for using this image simultaneously as a lightbox image as well? I think it would still hold power through duplicating or recomposing it - its certainly an image that I want to keep looking at!)

    Table top images
    Either: Liz's table top image.
    Or: 4 Images one image of our different table tops - ...which I dare tosay/suggest it would mean that Rachel and Marnie would have to hussle and supply one by Sunday!!! Perhaps this is too crazy!

    I also like the suggestion of Rachel's hugging concrete pole girls without the text.

    Oh and is Marnie and Sarah also still worth thinking as an option? Sorry just throwing it out there!

  3. I had a thought that some of the more archival images from our posts could work as a promo image so tried out in most recent post - not sure if any for-sure work, but they are there for viewing and thoughts.

    Otherwise, and in lieu of seeing any further image mock-ups...

    I'm going to be definitive and say that my vote is for Liz's shapes.