Monday, November 22, 2010

field trip safari camp ott byo...?

Err...I'm not sure...finding it hard to do group bino safari as pair...cease and desist or push through?


  1. My gut feeling is why change something that's work R????! They are such strong and striking images in your first go, and would survive a 30mm of a blog roll if needed onto the next light box for example.

    My 2 cents is Keep the background format, keep your photos. Whats so great about that its this really chunky field of badly drawn graphic with bad quality images in it. Just changing the color of the fauna or will give this look. And marine and I can re shoot our selves in bad quality jpeg via my skype camera. I'll mock it up i time allows today.

  2. It is real great to see the safari manifestations, but I think I go with Clare in thinking that the original pair you made are awsome. For me, the humor of them is, partly the wormy "grass" but also the doubling of you as the peering protagonist! It totally took seeing the other versions to realise this though. Hot hot hotski.

  3. these are pretty rock'n'roll tho you have to admit... and it puts you girls int the picture too...