Friday, November 19, 2010

Woo Aaaa Hooo

We did some shooting today with the hired camera. I think Clare fell in love with the lens. Anyway, these are some of the images we took:
Can we join your safari Rachel?

Pretty please?

Heeeey, I can see my house from here

Along with the safari look, we also did some piles of abandoned clothes:

This our mock-up for a hyperbola of clothing, in a lightbox format (click to enlarge):

And a yummy version of the lesbian rule (which we do by the way):

For some mysterious reason, we have been given an extra day with the camera tomorrow. This is a super lucky situation, as we only have about four hours of decent natural light in Rotterdam at the mo. So, Clare is going to do some more images including:
  • An image of a print-out of a copy of the "nipple painting"
  • The stage sets
  • torches
Feel free to send any requests, and let us know how you feel, don't feel, want to feel about the above images....


  1. Oh yes, I'm feeling the hand-as-hand bino's! Would they work as a collage kind of tile thing like the image with Clare's waterfalls? I also like that they could work as big prints - they're kind of queer 'appropriated' Gucci (spelling check!) shots that could offer humour and edge given the light-box advertising zone of Courtney place. I also especially like the pile of clothes where you can read Liz's Man Alone t-shirt. The clothes are pretty evocative.

    So cool that you have the camera for longer - any chance you could take a high res shot of a print out of my dark matter? I'm curious if that would work?

    Another questions was - if you were able to take photo's of print-outs of my computer desktop shots, including the recent hand-as-hand bino shots in the grass - would that greatly improve their print quality at lightbox scale? I want them to be a bit pixilated but still clean and not box pixels...

    Can't wait to see what you do next!xxxR

  2. yay, wow! high-end fashion shots!!! you two look so gorgeous and quirky acting, particularly like the jacket shot - in the words of my sparkling flatmate "its quite performative, it gives me an in to the image in a way that the others don't as much", yeah, I agreement! So looking forward to working up an overall sequence, laying all the frames out to create a narr-ative. We have heaps of options now, it's like "make it work same-sex attraction laydeyzzz". More more more though, on a roll xxx

  3. hand made binoculars rule! right-on! gorgeous.