Sunday, November 7, 2010

Title, Image, Sound-Bite and Text

All the Cunning Stunts

All the Cunning Stunts is a multi-voiced collaborative text and image-based work which tackles the confounding intricacies of lesbian subjectivity through objectivity - like a medal-winning swim team.

All the Cunning Stunts is a medley-voiced collaborative exhibition viewable across eight light-boxes in Courtney Place, Wellington. Four New Zealand artists have developed All the Cunning Stunts to coincide with the advent of the 2nd Asia Pacific Outgames and in response to a curatorial brief to address ‘contemporary homosexuality’. The potential of objects, images and language to linger on the seen, unrepresentative, notional, fictional, unmediated, idealistic, real, and confounding intricacies of female same-sex experience, take the lead in the work. All the Cunning Stunts aims to emerge from today’s chlorinated slipstream as a medal-winning swim team.


Good Morning! Great to see all the activity that happened while we were dreaming! I don't want to spend too much more time on this press stuff, as I think we are really close, and trying to make small tweaks between five folks can take perhaps more time than is needed at this stage..... so Clare and I put all our highlights together in one post to get a solid sense of what is accumulating.

Our preferences once seeing it all together would be for:

1. All the Cunning Stunts (has more of an adventurous narrative implied)

2. Liz's image + caption? (seems like the clearest and bestest option to us, and something that parallels our plans for the light boxes in a confident way)

3. Sound bite (MJ's last version!)

4. Longer text (Really love your longer text Rachel -- esp. clorinated slipstream which will be my name of choice when I finally start my death-metal band -- and I made a few small changes which you can see in the text above)

As the deadline for this is while Clare and I are sleeping, we are both cool for Liz, Rachel and Mary-Jane to make a final call about the title/image/sound-bite/text. Preferences as per this post, but both Clare and I are super happy for it to be in your handses.