Monday, November 22, 2010

falling and staging

Another pair, potentially hot for the night-time? I've flipped the dark matter image horizontally and inverted the black text in the middle of the lit stages to white text on black background.

Tonight, I'm going to work on Binocular Safari as I'd really like to have all of you in the jeep and get some hints of blog/digi spice in the right-hand panel - on the one hand I can see that you are already on my safari, and I'm on yours, when I look around, but it's not the same as having you there under the same savanna skies... watch this space.

I'll send through proofed text of BK texts 1 and 2; the Topp Twins text; and this line in case we want to use it (original had spelling mistake -'untill':

'she was never gay until 2 days ago when she came out on the blog' (tick).

I also feel I'm missing the hands in the black curtains by M+C...

and something for the 'odd sock' box:


  1. hey, am liking! seems way more together together, do you think tweaking the hand colour to match the orange in the lights is a good direction or am I just being too twin set? hmmm....

  2. Yeah, tweak -- amp up the theatre of the pair.