Thursday, November 18, 2010

the interweb killed the TV star

just a sketch think it looks a little too on the album art side of things BUT wooop! here it izz xx


  1. Hey Ms Slater,

    just listening/watching to Ms Rosler... that clips the shizzle!! "What is vogue? ... desire ... identification... money.. luxury... it is art, it is architecture it is ... threat and the whiff of decadence... it is cosmetics ... it is voyuerism, it is lesbianism, it is mock lesbianism, narcicistic lesbianism, sadistic lesbianism, voyuerism ..." FANKS!!! spot on

  2. I am glad you like it! I interviewed Martha Rosler last year for a video thing. Totally rad woman!

    I love the image, esp. the hand appearing on the screen and the lit shape. Can't wait to see it proper like!

  3. Oh, also would it be interesting to see a version shot in daylight?