Wednesday, November 10, 2010

queer nz gothic brigade (after Peter Jackson's HC's)

And coming soon for light relief an exclusive interview with filmmaker Beatrice Krill. Krill talks about her life as a self-proclaimed hetero-been, a bi-been, and today, perhaps even a les-been - just kidding, though she asks, who is this les of tomorrow, as well as sharing the inspiration behind her latest ground-breaking doco, Bathing suit wonderland...


  1. hey, really like the text - hard to get a sense of the age of Beatrice but i'm guessing modern era? early pomo? intentionally vague? [its the term bathing suit!! ok, & wonderland too- what about Bikini joy?? jokes!] Smart to have a view from times of not so old (I thought it was has-been, haha). But yers, very same-sex attraction spectrum, I see what you're doing there ...

    As always, like the clunky image too - is it just me or is it really good/bad 90's commercial graphic design? Interesting to hear you describe its aesthetic as masculine, labels labels but may I hazard dykey?

    Will BK (oh thats a bit of an unfortunate initial combo Rach!) have a friend/friends? would be electric like to throw in a few more voices... not that I'm suggesting a cast of L Word scenario, - DTWOF??

  2. Yeah - like that you gesture at a good/bad 90's graphic design thing - I'm certainly interested in reflecting on the fact that I 'came of age' in the 90's in NZ...esp if layering this 90's vibe across other time zones which I think I'm doing. It makes me wonder if I'm still haunted by the androgyny of the 90s in a big way! Can one make time androgynous from a distance - what resists and what gets sucked in?

    And your questions of voice really got me thinking - I've done some further posts on it as a means of working it out in the context of the collaboration - very important aspect of working with BK - as a voice, or many voices - and thinking how she might fit or spark within the collaborative framework. I kind of need to sound it out with you and the crew so would love your thoughts on some of the more recent posts. esp re: voice and what your also interested in doing with contemporary/recent history/far history media objects/voices!