Monday, November 15, 2010

A proposal

I've put all this in the calendar but it is a provisional plan open for any changes.
I admit its a bit of a crazy schedule, so move around if anything is unrealisitc! Dates/times NZ.

Saturday 20 November
Skype date #7: Finalise set of images and sequence for meeting.
In between make any changes to images and supply final posted via blog/email to Liz or Rachel.
Clare to make a start on preparing files based on this selection.
Do we need to arrange a couple of people to be in charge of editing any text which will be included in the lightbox layouts?

Sunday 21 November
10pm All image/text material to be supplied
Upload hi-res images via free FTP server online.
(To avoid upload/download may need to zip the files. Also keep all file names short, removing any spaces and bizarre characters.)
Send via email(s) to Clare:
- final edited texts supplied in a word doc
- any smaller images, or AI/Indesign (vector) graphics you wish to use (under 8MB)
- FTP links for the hi-res images
- please note any typeface names down too

Tuesday 23 November

11am Meeting with Eve & Abby (MJD,LA,RO?)
10am Provisional Proof (#1): Clare to email PDF proof: Full set of 16 light-box images.
Please email any changes (for any layouts you supplied images/text/instructions for) by 10pm that evening. Sorry about the tight turn-around but this call for corrections is just to check that things weren't lost between your draft versions and the full-size layouts!

Wednesday 24 November
10am Proof (#2): Clare to email corrected PDFs: Full set of 16 light-box images plus sequence mockup.

Wednesday 24 November or Thursday 25 November????
...what's better? ... to have time with the proofs before or after our skype ???
8pm Proposed Skype Date #8: Re: how the images are working as a whole, any changes/editing of layouts.

Friday 26 November
10am Final Proof (#3): Final set of layouts & mockup of sequence - to be proofed for mistakes. Suggest we break up this task up and have 2 main people proofing, including one text expert to take special responsibility for proofing text!
Absolutely final changes to be submitted via email by 10pm.

Saturday 27 November
10am Absolutely Final Proof (#4): if required!
10pm Images to DPOD: Clare to upload images to FTP site.

Sunday 28 November
Day Off!!!
International Girlfriend Dance Like a Screensaver Day!
Seriously, try it.

Monday 30 November

Deadline for Images and Label Info to DPOD.
Clare to confirm image delivery OK with DPOD via email.

Mon 30 November - Monday 13 December
Proofing of images at DPOD
Liz and Rachel to liase with DPOD.

Monday 13 -Thursday 16 December
Installation: by Abbey Signs. Mary-Jane, Liz and Rachel keep an eye on installation process?

Thursday 16 December
Official Opening: OMG! its here Party!

File supply notes.

  • If scanning images: please provide original scan (preferably un-colour-corrected). If you have the option at scanning, choose RGB, and 16bit over 8bit. You'll need to aim for 72ppi at the size you want it to appear. Happy for you to save these original files as jpegs on compression 8 if you want to reduce the file size down, but don't re-save jpegs after that.
  • If taking original digital photographs: please shoot/provide in RAW format. (ie highest amount of information with no compression).
  • Any images made up of more than one image, being used for the final image layouts - I am happy to make it up from scratch using the sample draft layouts. Just provide all the components in the most original version you have of those files.
  • As you probably know, if you want to use images from the internet to - they'll get pretty pixelly and lack information when scaled to the size of the light-boxes, what ever I do. But, let me know how you want them to look once they're blown up. eg. crispy pixels, soft but grubby pixels, or looking as nice as possible such as a blurring or putting grain/noise back into the image.
  • If you need to check a image res and it's emailable, send it ahead of schedule.

Woah, OK. Umm?!!! All those in favour call $$$$ now!


  1. ya, awesome, nice to see it all written up like that - YIKES!! am hand up for text proofing but - DISASTER!!!! Will be in AK at The Fall on the weekend of the proofing/install, sorry booked tickets way way back, ummmmmm??? Rachel are you happy to proof solo (or know any other sharp-eyed proofers??) Sorry folks :(

  2. Just a quick correction - the meeting with Amy and Eve is Tues 23 Nov at 11am.

  3. Cool. Yeah, for the proofing of the full size digital prints would be best to make an appointment with DPOD once they have some tests ready, and allow enough for them to run off another couple of tests if needed. But I'd expect this to be during the week of the 30th perhaps not a disaster, unless of course it is difficult for you gals to get to DPOD during the week?

    These proofs would be is mostly for colour and double check all elements are things are all there and in the right place/blends are appearing correctly etc.

  4. Thanks MJ, remedied!

    Since that's the same day as the first proof, Liz, Rachel, is it still plausible for you to get back to me with corrections (just on your own images instructions) by that evening?
    ...I realise that makes a demanding day for you gals?

    Also, after a good sleep, just thought Skype #8 could be either on Wed 24 or Thurs 25. What is better for you gals with work/time zones etc.? have time before or after the skype with the proofs???

  5. Hi C, needless to say you R amazing.

    Ali and I (my girlfriend is hotly literate) are available for proofing of text/images on Friday 26 November if that suits? How best to send you details of any corrections - email/blog?

    Will post again with any other thoughts on this.