Monday, November 22, 2010


Great getting your images gals - they're like exciting gifts each morning!
Thanks for keeping them as layers. Its really helpful.

To clarify my previous posts, I'll be supplying creating the layouts as a combination of image and vector graphics (vector where ever posible to keep file size down and keep graphic elements sharp). Because of this, please also supply the all the image components used to make it in there most original format (eg. the file straight off the camera if possible!). That way I can create a graphic from scratch if I feel like there's a problem with it, knowing I have the most original file. And in some cases, it will be faster. Unfortunately given the time frame, and timezone difference, waiting for the next day for graphics to be supplied will really slow things up.

Also, don't fret about recreating hi-res versions of blocks of text or solid colour geometric graphics - I'll be recreating them as vectors. The draft size version will be fine for me to work from.
eg. Rachel, for your binocular prints, the flat brown colour grass reids of the bino print, if you want them to be sharp, I'll trace/redraw them using vector graphics. To do this I'll just need an between a 72ppi or more image to do this from. If you can supply all the photos in their orignal format, at their highest res. I can create a vector clipping mask to paste the image into in the final layout, so its not necessary to cut them out yourself. I'll try to match the way you have it in the fullsize mockup.
AND as an additional rules of thumb: 1. don't down-size resolution of any of your photographs. If they are printed smaller than the full size of the lightbox, we want to keep that resolution - its all relative to how close you view the image; and 2. avoid re-saving a jpeg or compressed tiff please.

Oh and I'm upping the email size limit - I reckon have a go to see if you can send files up to 10MB via emial. Send separate emails if you need to.

And as you know, I still need the final edits of any text we are using!
And if you want to check how we might set up the final file and what I'll need to create it drop me an email.
Ok good luck, thanks, C.


  1. CAN DO TECH GENIE - IST!! xxxx soo much appreciated BTW xxx

  2. Thanks doll. Yeah, I was just thinking after posting this, realising its Monday already the greatest progress forward is to finalise the layouts and set of images.

    To free up this everyone's time to do so, and not to double handle files too much, I'd like to propose a plan for me to create the files from scratch where possible (excluding of course more complex artistic liscence-like/hand drawn elements over images! Like Liz's I/we subject/object images). This would involve delivery the following:

    - all the components for me to make the file from scratch. Original images please - eg. don't re-size images, or re-compress by re-saving jpegs or compressed tiffs.
    - and a final a test/draft layout of the image that I can work from.

    The bonus is that because you won't be setting the files up at full light-box size, most images can be sent via email without the need of an ftp site. For any images that you wish to use that have been uploaded to the blog, please send via email as I want to avoid taking them off the blog due to blogger scaling-down and compressing images.

    What do you thin? Would it be best to split tasks up to to free time up?