Sunday, November 7, 2010

Title: to 'the' or not to 'the'

Great to arrive at a title. Over the last couple of days I have had one question about it, whether it should it read:

All the Cunning Stunts


All Cunning Stunts

So, what is more cunning ...with 'the' or without 'the'?
My thoughts are that by removing the article from the title, it suggests action versus object or objectification. Without 'the', perhaps the title can also refer to something more inclusive, than referring to a separate group of people or actions turn suggesting a statement more pluralistic and inclusive group of people or actions surrounding the light-box context ...of womenhood? ...of social action?


  1. I like All Cunning Stunts, though wonder if it makes the first-layer reading of it suggest that all four of us are cunning stunts (in the spoonerism sense) and that's what the show is about...Though, now that I think about it, it's interesting to ponder the word 'All' - it does project inclusiveness and exclusiveness at the same time which is a territory I think our works will tap into...

    Do we go for All Cunning Stunts, or the article-less 'Cunning Stunts' - what are your thoughts?

    I'm definitely ok with removing 'the'.

  2. I like the 'al'l - All Cunning Stunts is a great title!