Tuesday, November 9, 2010

meeeeee dia (l)

Just to start us off, Gran Fury!
Constance Miller, word
nuff said, right?
Which one would you go for??
Blonde ambition pash
Go Oprah, Go Oprah!!!
Yep, she is, so, like, what?
Remember the time??
New new new!!!! mau mau more!!!
talkin bout my generation
Punk Idle Idol
double troubleAnne Shelton, Doublet, Parker/Hulme Crime Scene Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2001
oh yes, that herstory

equal = equal

Gay window advertising?
You've gotta have balls to be that much of a les

Nice shell
so, like, don't out her man, right? Jus let her do her stuff


  1. Grrrreat post liz. Love all the images and your caption comments. More, more, more ...keep them coming! Along with thinking this material has great potential of the way you might use them in the lightboxes, I'm finding them fantastic visual flints to provoke thought! I'll try for a counter-post in due course. I especially enjoyed the reminder of the K.D. Lang cover and our closer to home Parker-Hume story - why yes, in Jesus Christchurch... ...and as for appropriating "Tina - admits she is a "Barsexual": a straight girl that kisses other girls to gain attention from men." along with the tv-caption-style graphic - well that is too tempting not to test in the light-box format - perhaps see in a post near you soon!

    In response to Ellen on the cover of time, I think your comment is really leading to something here... I'm super proud and feel good seeing that, but as your post asks, where does that conversation go in a contemporary sense? What is left to say that hasn't been said or already accepted? Like it or hate it does the media signify how far we might have come? There's definetly things still to say (I can think of numerous personal experiences that signify this gap for me, but they're subtle and some were harder than others but they are more like flags/markers), but how to say it? What is relevant today when the media is complicating real lives with PR and stunt in Hito-like fashion?

    The Oprah cover-image links back with the "Aplause, Call 0800 $$$$" line from Marnie's post you picked out on our last skype. In a similar way, I'm interested how the trash magazine and paper deals visually with 'information'/rumour/gossip. And I am wondering if a HOAX GRAPHIC-STYLE might be interesting to play-out/try-out/push with some of the ligthbox images? Similar to Marnie's recently posted "WE RECRUIT" waterfall image, the 'information' sits on top and interrupts the image, but it doesn't share the same level as the images. There is a space between the images and text to create conjecture or innuendo. Of course, the suggested conjecture is ultimately far more explicit in the magazine trash culture communication aesthetic.

    Do those the tabloid-mode of communication create a paused space TO LET CONJECTURE RUN WILD??!!
    Can WE pause that for a second in Coutenay Place?

  2. Beatrice Krill has seen this post and is subsequently going to enter the gay shroud.

    While on location she will wonder at what is involved and at stake when

    all the stunning, I mean cunning stunts

    let her just do her stuff...