Tuesday, November 23, 2010

les pimped out safari-as gay shroud immancipatory hedonismz

Late-comers, missing in action and attractive alternatives welcome - just wanted to get the overview so far, and @#$! this %^&* is HOT


  1. Hell yeah! So great to see this Rachel! What a energy boost! Will take a look at this more closely in a bit.
    Off the cuff, some of the images could be dropped to push the blog roll effect a little more. Not suggesting increasing the overall number of images/layouts, just shifting the images once the layout is complete to roll onto the next. Not too many though, it might get too much!
    Thinking in pairs really works, Marnie. These shifts I guess can be pushed later once the individual or paired layouts are working.
    Yeah? No?

  2. ps. liking the zinging repetition of block colour elements.

  3. agree Clare, was just thinking the same looking at the layout - which is POPPING for sure,
    two by two - they're holding hands!!!